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Synonyms for diffusion

Synonyms for diffusion

words or the use of words in excess of those needed for clarity or precision

Synonyms for diffusion

(physics) the process in which there is movement of a substance from an area of high concentration of that substance to an area of lower concentration

the spread of social institutions (and myths and skills) from one society to another

the property of being diffused or dispersed

the act of dispersing or diffusing something

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Secondly, the paper describes novel applications of diffusion equations to model concentration gradients of nutrients and signaling factors in three-dimensional (3D) tissue constructs under a variety of conditions, including with or without cellular metabolism of the diffusing substance.
The main objective of present study is to understand adsorption mechanism by applying various reactions and diffusion based kinetic models on experimental data.
A photograph by Patricia Ackerman which is on show at the Diffusion Festival in Cardiff
Economy Cabinet Secretary Ken Skates said: LSN Diffusion is a rapidly growing engineering company working in one of our key sectors and invests significantly in research and product development.
Under the deal, RestorGenex will issue to Diffusion equity holders shares of RestorGenex common stock such that the current equity holders of Diffusion will own approximately 83% of the combined company's outstanding shares and current stockholders of RestorGenex will own approximately 17%.
Diffusion is the process by which phenomena such as wars, revolutions, military coups, institutions, constitutions and policy innovations spread across political jurisdictions and levels of government.
has launched a special Vertical Diffusion Cell accessory for use with the Merck Millipore Strat-Mmembrane, the company said.
In the first few hours after onset of ischemia, water diffusion decreases rapidly.
Mori and Tournier explain a type of diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that is based on tensor calculation, called diffusion tensor imaging, which can be used to obtain quantitative parameters to describe diffusion anisotropy and fiber orientation in the brain.
While for the diffusion model we first summarize the information from many series into a few principal components and then use those to forecast inflation, here we proceed in reverse.
Le conseil de gouvernement reuni, jeudi a Rabat, sous la presidence du Chef de gouvernement, Abdelilah Benkirane, a adopte deux projets de decret, le premier portant mise en place du Comite National de la transition de la diffusion analogique a la diffusion numerique terrestre et le second relatif a la dissolution et a la liquidation de l'Agence du Partenariat pour le Progres.
After the introduction of MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) [6], it took some time before DTI was implemented as a standard protocol on clinical MR scanners [7,8].
The researchers used a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method known as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to generate data on diffusion anisotropy, a measure of how water molecules move through the brain.
Students often struggle to understand diffusion and osmosis and, as a result, have difficulty predicting the direction of osmosis, visualizing individual particles undergoing diffusion and osmosis, and making sense of vocabulary terms.
One of the basic conditions for proper functioning of these inhibitors is good diffusion properties in concrete.