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spreading by diffusion

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You can begin diffusing fifteen to twenty minutes a day.
Yet many morphogens tend to stick to cells, making it difficult to imagine the chemicals diffusing for any distance.
makers of Oshadhi aromatherapy oils and diffusers and other lines of aromatherapy products, is offering retailers and consumers a broad array of choices for diffusing essential oils.
Pulmonary function testing revealed reduced lung volumes, including forced ventilatory capacity (46% of predicted), forced expiratory volume in 1 sec (54% of predicted), total lung capacity (53% of predicted), functional residual capacity (43% of predicted), and carbon monoxide diffusing capacity (36% of predicted).
A 14m wall of frosted glass runs north-west down the centre of the apartment, separating day from night zones and diffusing east and west light.
Eventually, those diffusing atoms strike a lattice step and become incorporated into the edge of that layer.