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words or the use of words in excess of those needed for clarity or precision

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the spatial property of being spread out over a wide area or through a large volume

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In this sense, as Jerry Brotton notes, Prospero may recall Aeneas, tamer of the sea (and winds); (61) yet the fact that both Prospero's art and Ariel's power is closely aligned with the insubstantial force of illusion suggests that Prospero the imperial colonizer is equally indebted to Cleopatra's model, utilizing the very diffuseness of the air to secure his legacy.
What is unique and fresh about Richard II is the stress on the divinity that was thought to hedge kings, the abandonment of historical diffuseness and the probing not merely of divine right as a concept but of the unstable personality of a king who puts his whole trust in its theoretical protections (Forker 2002, 1).
23 This observation is in agreement to our previous study regarding lipoprotein(a) and its significant correlation with presence diffuseness and the severity of CAD.
In the case of comedies or dramas with a primarily psychological interest, the diffuseness of the panoramic screen is .
The reliability of the manual emerges as the antipode to print's mechanized diffuseness, an ideal that print itself helps put into circulation.
where the size R and diffuseness of the surface a are fixed parameters.
The range of acting styles, which run from amateurish exaggeration to Dukakis's almost Method-like muttering, gives this production a wobbly diffuseness.
Such moments highlight a thread of Italian ambivalence and textual diffuseness in Montaigne's Essais that must be considered alongside the strong current of anti-Italian sentiment in France in the 1570s and 1580s.
Lipoproteina(a) is a feature of the presence, diffuseness, and severity of coronary artery disease in Saudi population.
A certain diffuseness of focus takes over here, and these readings, in general, lack the poignancy of those dealing with war and the Holocaust.
The Petroleum Training and Development Fund (PTDF), the Ministry of Petroleum Resources that are implicated in this project, are locked in bureaucratic politics of inter-departmental rivalry, role confusion and role diffuseness.
Even there, however, the term 'property' has a certain diffuseness.
A locus classicus in this debate is the G-Major Quartet, a work regularly critically marginalized for its alleged discursiveness and formal diffuseness.
36) Unfortunately, the number of users and the diffuseness of their representation would seem to preclude public participation in making rules, as mentioned before.
On balance, however, the scholarship is impressive, the diversity of viewpoints and methodological approaches more than compensates for any diffuseness, and the presentation and editing are of a high standard.