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Synonyms for diffident

Synonyms for diffident

not forward but reticent or reserved in manner

Synonyms for diffident

showing modest reserve

Related Words

lacking self-confidence


References in classic literature ?
He had never varied his ground an inch, but had in the beginning diffidently taken the corner upon which the side of the house gave.
I went somewhat diffidently to the first meeting that the program sponsored, after discovering that both the classes I'd most enjoyed--one, a lecture course on European women's history and the other, a first-year seminar on the Second World War--were taught by members of the newly formed Committee on Degrees in Women's Studies.
I acquainted myself with his work a season or so back with a painting from the Robert Ellsworth Collection which shows a monk wandering through a diffidently depicted landscape of rocks and stripped trees.
Mezzo-soprano soloist Christina Wilson begins diffidently, almost tremulously at her first entry in the Elgar, easily forgiven and accepted in view of the visionary emotion of her opening lines.
"My friends are telling me I'm made for life, but it doesn't work that way in documentaries," he says diffidently.
Nobody paid the slightest attention, and when the President gave over the rostrum to Gergen, stepping diffidently behind his new tutor to lead the applause, it was clear to all present on the lawn that although he would continue to occupy the White House (and be allowed to keep the household staff and the Marine color guard), hence-forth he would be seen as both captive and ventriloquist for the system he had said he meant to change.
When seen for the last time, she's diffidently squeezing water from a mop.
Saturday began uncertainly, a charming version of God Save the Queen diffidently delivered.
New Road regulars would have recognised instantly the dominant body language of a batsman who, all too often for England, has walked in to bat so diffidently that your Man from Mars would never believe he had scored a hundred hundreds.
And then, almost diffidently, he raised the orchestra to its feet, leaving it alone on the platform to receive applause.
In this picture she's a fewyears younger, smiling diffidently, standing beside an open car door in a baseball shirt and shorts.
"It is a harmless vanity," Robert told himself, comparing it to a number of less harmless ones he recognized in himself, even mentioning it on occasion, diffidently, to one or another of his friends.
"I am fasting," I told my colleague a little diffidently, thinking that she would take me for a health freak.
'I'm just trying to make a difference in this planet,' French filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand said diffidently over a casual lunch with environmentalists, French Embassy officers, and members of the media.