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Synonyms for diffident

Synonyms for diffident

not forward but reticent or reserved in manner

Synonyms for diffident

showing modest reserve

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lacking self-confidence


References in classic literature ?
He was very anxious to testify his appreciation in some way, but he is so diffident he couldn't venture it himself, and so he begged me to buy some little things and give them to you and Dame Phyllis and let him pay for them with- out your ever knowing they came from him -- you know how a delicate person feels about that sort of thing -- and so I said I would, and we would keep mum.
'My dears,' said their father, 'he is a diffident gentleman, and I should say particularly so in the society of girls of your age.'
"Speak out, my boy -- don't be diffident. The truth is always respectable.
She was always quick and assured: Isabella slow and diffident. And ever since she was twelve, Emma has been mistress of the house and of you all.
When she left off - and she had not laughed languidly, but with real enjoyment - I said, in my diffident way with her:
I imagined her diffident, lying very quiet, with her side nestling shyly against the wharf to which she was made fast with very new lines, intimidated by the company of her tried and experienced sisters already familiar with all the violences of the ocean and the exacting love of men.
It is the only way of dealing with diffident, easily embarrassed characters, and with some slight manual aid I presently got her placed just where wanted her to be, that is, between my desk and the window, where she was screened from the rush of the second division, and where no one could sneak behind her to listen.
Princess Mary seemed even quieter and more diffident than usual.
Bernard dog accompanied me, though I have always been diffident of taking him to toy-shops, which over-excite him.
Francine exhibited another new side to her character--a diffident and humble side.
He was too diffident to aspire to Aileen's notice; so he usually sat at one of Tildy's tables, where he devoted himself to silence and boiled weakfish.
I throw out these queries for intelligent readers to answer, who know, at once, how credulous we are, and how sceptical, how soft and how obstinate, how firm for others and how diffident about ourselves: meanwhile, it is certain that our friend William Dobbin, who was personally of so complying a disposition that if his parents had pressed him much, it is probable he would have stepped down into the kitchen and married the cook, and who, to further his own interests, would have found the most insuperable difficulty in walking across the street, found himself as busy and eager in the conduct of George Osborne's affairs, as the most selfish tactician could be in the pursuit of his own.
'Maybe our kababayans have planned their return on diffident times that why we see sporadic build up along the exits of NLEX and SLEX,' he said.
I wouldn't eat my food in front of people" Quiz show host Victoria Coren Mitchell who dislikes quirky food, on her regime when she goes out to a dinner party "Who IS advising this boneheaded woman?" Former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe is exasperated by the Prime Minister "I remember Spike Milligan receiving a prestigious British comedy award, and saying: 'I am not thanking anyone, it was me, me, me"' Roy Hudd, discussing award ceremonies "I get very annoyed when people think I'm nice or diffident or a polite English gentleman.
DGPR Nabeela Ghazanfer gave detailed briefing to the DG PID regarding diffident sections of DGPR and services provided to journalist community.