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Synonyms for differential

Synonyms for differential

a quality that differentiates between similar things

Related Words

a bevel gear that permits rotation of two shafts at different speeds

involving or containing one or more derivatives

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In the microdissected samples, gene clusters based on outcome identified approximately 300 differentially expressed genes between the long and the short survivor groups.
In addition, an algorithm was developed to detect and quantify transcripts from non-coding regions of the genome and through this process more than 1,000 differentially expressed non-coding sequences were identified.
By analogy to GenBank, CEBS will support global sequence-based query, using, for example, probe sequence of differentially expressed genes or analytically determined proteins.
In a second study, comparison of strains grown in minimal versus rich media revealed 344 genes that were differentially expressed between the two conditions: preferential expression of the translation apparatus in rich media and the amino acid biosynthetic pathways in minimal media were entirely consistent with prior data (10).
Diosmin and diosmetin are agonists of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor that differentially affect cytochrome P450 1A1 activity.
The power of the method lies in its ability to provide high resolution fingerprinting of differentially expressed proteins in biological samples and rapidly validate the findings in a population study.
The paper, "NO and CO differentially activate soluble guanylyl cuclase via a heme pivot-bend mechanism," appears in the January 24 issue of The EMBO Journal; 26 (2):578-88.
But including multiple disciplines in study design, study conduct, data mining, and data interpretation is proving useful to the NCT teams, and provides an added benefit of a camaraderie that is helpful in combining resources to face a daunting list of differentially expressed genes.
The Vector PRO is capable of receiving differentially corrected data from land-based beacon stations and from Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) such as the U.
The development of SLAGE will allow us to use small quantities of tissue from biopsies to determine what genes are being differentially expressed in these disease tissues" said Peter A.
Previous study data presented by diaDexus at the 2005 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium demonstrated that a set of eight genes were differentially expressed in patients who presented with progressive disease, compared with those who were disease-free after a median follow-up of 70 months, suggesting that the PCR-based test involving these genes warrants additional investigation into its utility in identifying patients at higher risk for recurrence.
GeneCalling identifies both known and unknown differentially expressed genes, and can be used to detect genes in humans, animals, plants, and pathogens.
To analyze genes that were differentially expressed in the livers of control and treated fish, the team extracted mRNA and converted it to cDNA, which during this process was labeled by the addition of a tracer amount of radiolabeled nucleotides.
The study was conducted under the research collaboration between Lynx and MEL to identify differentially expressed genes associated with tumor reversion through the application of Lynx's technologies for massively parallel DNA sequencing and differential gene expression analysis, which were initially conceived by Dr.
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