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Synonyms for differential

Synonyms for differential

a quality that differentiates between similar things

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a bevel gear that permits rotation of two shafts at different speeds

involving or containing one or more derivatives

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9% of these were significantly differentially expressed between GCs-treated and untreated BMECs.
Building upon its patented core technologies, AlphaGene has developed an integrated platform that includes gene arraying on biochips thereby identifying differentially expressed genes in disease or other cell states.
Differentially expressed mRNA and lncRNAs were considered significantly differentially expressed when fold-change was >1.
To identify differentially regulated genes, the 11 reference genes were numerically ranked with respect to each other within a treatment.
This patent covers the use of GeneCalling to directly identify, by database lookup, differentially expressed genes.
The genes of these clusters were identified as being differentially expressed as a direct result of griseofulvin exposure rather than subsequent pathologic change in the liver by two further observations.
This paper illustrates one method of determining whether items are functioning differentially for students with disabilities in comparison to their non-disabled counterparts.
Zarbl's group is studying rat strains with different susceptibilities to mammary carcinogenesis to help identify which differentially expressed genes are related to the mechanims of sensitivity.
The results indicate that the Delta-Plot method which uses proportion correct (p-value) as input, differs from the methods (Lord's Chi-Square, Stocking and Lord's TCC inverse, and Raju's area minimization methods) that use Item Response Theory (IRT) item parameters as input in flagging differentially performing items.
This enhanced service offering greatly expands the number of microRNAs that can be globally analyzed for the discovery and analysis of differentially expressed genes in a range of biological systems.
Though critical teacher shortages in the area of special education remain an ongoing problem in the United States (Billingsley & McLeskey, 2004; McLeskey, Tyler & Saunders Flippin, 2004), little work has been done on the teaching conditions that differentially influence special educators' vs.
The Profiler module labels mass, retention time and abundance of two samples to identify peptides that are differentially up- or down-regulated.
and (2) What is the collective impact on test characteristics of any substantive differentially functioning items?
This novel technology enables true quantitative proteomics of three independent proteomes using Isotope Coded Protein Labels (ICPL), resulting in the identification of differentially expressed proteins in triplex analysis with an unmatched dynamic range due to the optional combination with intact protein fractionation steps.
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