differential diagnosis

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a systematic method of diagnosing a disorder (e

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The DSM differential diagnosis content was developed to help clinicians improve diagnostic skills and to foster correct use of the new DSM-5 classification system," said Michael B.
AdenoPlus can rapidly aid in the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis
A majority of subjects (71%) reported gaining experience with differential diagnosis through clinical practice.
Overall, this is a good, practical guide to differential diagnosis of central nervous system diseases encountered in the neurosurgery-surgical pathology area, and it is particularly handy for practicing pathologists in community hospitals.
This book comprises edited and updated articles from a long running and highly popular series published in the Practice Nursing journal on the differential diagnosis of dermatological conditions.
Small animal medical differential diagnosis, 2d ed.
Presented in translation from its original Chinese, this title focuses specifically on the differential diagnosis in HIV/AIDS, containing over 1200 images covering the nervous, pulmonary, skeletal, cardiovascular, and digestive systems and the skin, with an overview of AIDS complications in women and children.
The most important differential diagnosis for a nevus is malignant melanoma.
In summary, PUUV infection should be considered in the differential diagnosis of multiorgan failure and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, especially in patients from PUUV-endemic areas and typical history.
Spectral's systems approach permits a differential diagnosis for the first time based on four cardiac proteins -- CK-MB, Myoglobin, Myosin Light Chains and Troponin I.
com/research/9cdb98/a_clinicians_guid) has announced the addition of the "A Clinician's Guide to Dermatologic Differential Diagnosis, Volumes 1 & 2: Volume 1 & 2" book to their offering.
to discuss the evaluation of hearing and balance disorders, the rehabilitation of hearing disorders, and otologic/audiologic differential diagnosis (a section new to this edition).
This reference compiles differential diagnosis information for veterinary practitioners and students.
1) The differential diagnosis of an external auditory canal cholesteatoma (EACC) includes keratosis obturans, postinflammatory medial canal fibrosis, malignant otitis externa, and squamous cell carcinoma.
After a simple and fast negative stain preparation, the undirected, "open view" of electron microscopy allows rapid morphologic identification and differential diagnosis of different agents contained in the specimen.
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