differential coefficient

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The coefficient on ENVGAAPx2*CONFIRM, as a differential coefficient, is positive and significant indicating the slope coefficient on ENVGAAPx2 when CONFIRM = 1 is statistically larger than the slope coefficient on ENVGAAPx2 when CONFIRM = 0.
In addition to the temperature and time dependence for PC expressed in Eq 3, a differential coefficient of thermal expansion of 56.
A negative estimated coefficient on the earnings differential coefficient would suggest a dominating demand side effect.
The bimetallic structure of high-conductivity rapid tooling raises questions about bonding, thermal stresses, differential coefficients of expansion and contraction, and potential delamination--concerns that may inhibit some molders from giving RT a try.
In Table 5 the estimated nonunion wage differential coefficients for motor bus versus truck drivers for the regulation period are statistically significant.
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