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the smallest change in stimulation that a person can detect

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For each repeated critical test result, participants reported the following information: initial and repeat test result; time initial and repeat results were first known to laboratory staff; critical result notification time; if the repeat result was still a critical result; if the repeat result was significantly different from the initial result, as judged by the laboratory professional; significant difference threshold, as defined by the laboratory; and which instrument was used for initial and repeat testing (primary versus secondary instrument).
border irregularity) on absolute detection threshold, although this effect approached significance (speaking descriptively, participants tended to report slightly higher difference thresholds for lesions demonstrating border irregularity than for lesions demonstrating asymmetry).
border irregularity) on absolute difference thresholds.
Each technique allows for the calculation of a threshold value and a measure of variability about that threshold, typically called the difference threshold or just noticeable difference (JND).
The difference threshold or JND is the amount of change in body size necessary to detect that change 50 per cent of the time.