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Our difference of opinion on this subject went so far that I thought it best to set up rooms for myself: so I left Pondicherry Lodge, taking the old khitmutgar and Williams with me.
There is some difference of opinion whether this clause should be enforced by national or by State authority; but surely that difference is not a very material one.
With all this difference of opinion as to the cause of his decline, there could be no question of the fact.
PKR secretary-general Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail has downplayed an alleged verbal spat between the party's top two leaders today as mere 'difference of opinion'.
QUETTA -- Through short-films and documentaries, we should foster brotherhood and respect for difference of opinion in the society.
However, difference of opinion in some meetings does not amount to confrontation.
He said the standpoint of Pakistan was recognised by the international community, adding wars should not be waged for political objectives.Fawad said society should have consensus on bigger issues but a difference of opinion among people also reflected diversity and strength of democracy.
They said that difference of opinion among the followers of different sects was a reality but it could not be used as a pretext to spread hatred and unrest in the society.
There was no harm to have difference of opinion, he said adding the opposition's only job was to criticize the development projects of the government.
There will be hiccups, there will be difference of opinion, but ultimately these must be harmonised in a manner that these two great institutions can work in harmony," Singh said.
To a question, he said there is no nepotism in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, however difference of opinion is the beauty of a democratic politics.
Since these two countries own 90 percent of global nuclear potential, and no global issue can be resolved without themhellip the philosophy with difference of opinion is to sit down and explainhellip, Miroslav Laj#269aacutek commented.Commenting on US President Donald Trumps meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Laj#269aacutek has told the TASR newswire that he believes it is a good thing for everyone that the US and Russian leaders have met.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Muslim League leader Marriyum Aurangzeb Wednesday said difference of opinion was part of democracy and it would strengthen the democratic system in the country.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Muslim League leader Marriyum Aurangzeb has said difference of opinion was part of democracy and it would strengthen the democratic system in the country.
'There was an objection to the election of Mr Sanjrani but now when he opted for the Pakistan Railways for travel, I directed the railways authorities to give him protocol and respect,' Mr Rafique said and added that politicians should give respect to each other despite difference of opinion.
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