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a specialist in the study of nutrition

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The Dieticians Day, also celebrated on March 8, is a special day dedicated to dieticians.
THEY are a favourite of Mary Berry and Nigella Lawson, but the popularity of red velvet cupcakes is fuelling a rise in food allergies, according to a top dietician.
At West Des Moines, Iowa-based HyVee, McMillin supports 228 in-store dieticians, three retail dietetic supervisors and one corporate dietician by helping them define services and accomplish their goals.
They felt that over time, with the help of dieticians, they grew to understand their child's food allergy and how to cope with new information and the new dietary guidelines for their families.
Twenty two per cent of the women with gestational diabetes in the study did not visit a dietician for nutrition counselling and 65 per cent of them have visited a dietician only once or twice during their pregnancy.
Dieticians typically work in the clinical environment whereas nutritionists tend to operate in a less formal setting and also address broader lifestyle issues.
As of 2012, the California legislature was considering a bill that would create a new Dieticians Bureau and an advisory committee made up of dietitians.
DIETICIAN Some people use the titles nutritionist and dietician interchangeably.
For health concerns involving eating and nutrition, you should see an expert with documented training, a dietician.
So when we started adding the dieticians into the mix it was just such a natural complement to that.
Dieticians working in North Tyneside and Northumberland can now be easily spotted by patients thanks to their new garb.
The most senior dieticians working at consultancy level earn up to pounds 51,344.
JOB DESCRIPTION: Dieticians are experts on food and health and give people advice on how to make positive changes to their diets.
COVENTRY University launched the West Midlands' first, and only, degree course for dieticians four years ago and this week the first group of students will graduate.
Obese people in the North-East can't receive help to lose weight because of a lack of dieticians, a study has revealed.