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a specialist in the study of nutrition

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We know getting a food allergy diagnosis can be confusing and scary," said dietician Carina Venter, PhD, lead author of the study.
Results of this study highlight the urgent need for nutrition counselling and early referral to dieticians among women with gestational diabetes, she said.
However, what the dietician could not give me was advice in the context of my lifestyle and the motivation to stick to a sensible and practical diet and suggested that I seek the advice of a local nutritionist.
The title of dietician can only be used by people who have met specified professional requirements and almost all of them belong to the British Dietetic Association, which gives them legal protection.
Lisa Green, who works at Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax, has received a special commendation in the Coeliac UK Dietician of the Year awards for her work with coeliac patients.
The most senior dieticians working at consultancy level earn up to pounds 51,344.
After graduation, she got a job as a dietician with the NHS.
Obese people in the North-East can't receive help to lose weight because of a lack of dieticians, a study has revealed.
Althea Zanecosky, a registered dietician and a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, recommends staying away from sugar "treats," which can cause blood glucose to rise sharply and dip quickly, bringing on fatigue.
It transpired that the administering dietician was unqualified and had been negligent.
Like a good mechanic, a VA dietician can help you keep your engine running smoothly for years to come.
Among the requirements for receiving a General Mills Champions grant was that the program must include a strong nutrition education component and that a registered dietician be an integral part of the program's planning and program activities.
I am not a dietician but I implore those looking for help to look in the right place for the right type of help.
All clinical dieticians and dietician technicians working in the private sector must now obtain a licence from the SCH.
Chris Burrows, community dietician based at Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital, said: "This is a great free way for people to exercise before they go on holiday and they could end up with some treasure in the winners' prize draw.