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the scientific study of food preparation and intake

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How to develop a service-learning program in dietetics education.
American Dietetic Association Chicago, Illinois; 198 pages
human nutrition at Sydney University and a world expert on obesity, along with Janet Franklin, an accredited, practicing dietitian, presented their evidence in the June 2001 Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics.
A House bill in Ohio would eliminate the authority of the Board of Dietetics to investigate and regulate nutrition counseling, and it is causing quite the squabble.
An Online Delivery Method in a Coordinated Program in Dietetics Education.
The introduction of American foods and "colonial beverages," the dispossession of the peasantry, the turn to trade rather than agricultural innovation to guarantee sufficient foodstuffs, and the emergence of a politicized "bread question" are only a few of far-reaching developments covered in Flandrin's fascinating and complex introduction to "The Europe of the Nation-States." The early modern period saw the development of a science of dietetics, the emergence of pronounced national differences in cuisine, drinking habits, and dining hours, the spread of gourmet dining, and the creation of a new literature for lovers of fine dining and conviviality.
Born in Winnipeg in 1917 she attended Rupert's Land School for Ladies and graduated with a degree in Science from the University of Manitoba in 1938, and received a diploma in dietetics in Montreal.
Proctor, who holds a degree in dietetics, has roughly 250 employees and some 13 active accounts, including AT&T and Lucent Technologies.
Your physician may be able to refer you to an RD, or you can call the National Center for Nutrition and Dietetics of The American Dietetic Association at 800-366-1655 and ask for the name of an RD in your area.
Prout's classification, however, was a good start toward understanding some of the complexities of dietetics.
Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) Corporate Department of Dietetics and Nutrition organised recently a workshop on the Qatar Dietary Guidelines for clinical dietetics co-ordinators and food service supervisors.
The event for clinical dietetics coordinators and food service supervisors was organised by HMC's Corporate Department of Dietetics (QCD) and Nutrition recently.
Reed Mangels PhD, RD and Catherine Conway MS, RD spoke to hundreds of health professionals at our booth during the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics FNCE conference.
The Profession of Dietetics: A Team Approach, 6th Edition