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of or relating to the diet

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a great watcher, and very dietetically severe, is Dr.
There are only two abattoirs in Australia currently processing camels, so, however dietetically desirable, eating camel is hardly going to make a dent in the estimated 400 000 animals 'surplus to requirements'.
No-one would have reacted with a sharp intake of breath and accused her of unforgivably insulting the optically disabled, the dietetically challenged, the children of unmarried parents, those who seek their own sexual relief, or the profession that offers to provide it.
"It's the newest idea, and dietetically sound, to serve fruit and vegetables together," she said.
All of the chains offer more dietetically sensible items other than double cheeseburgers and super-sized fries, and we've never seen anyone being forced at gunpoint to the counter of a McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's or KFC.