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a person who diets

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com/science/article/pii/S0195666314003560) stigma  that heavy people face, and witnessed the blame game that happens when dieters can't keep the weight off.
Dieter wasn't able to go with me early, so I drove to the area alone and burned some serious boot leather checking waterholes.
Equally important to his professional life for Dieter were his family and friends.
Even Maggie's boyfriend, a drug mule and bouncer described by Dieter as "a peacock with claws," elicits a modicum of sympathy.
In February, Dieter turned 3 years old and is now physically developed enough to begin learning how to pull Williams' wheelchair.
Fortunately, Diet Doc has created a new diet plan to help dieters over the initial hurdles of weight loss to jumpstart success.
Die vertelling fokus op die gedagtes en doen en late van die hoofkarakter wat, al neem hy as Gerhard Weber in die tweede deel 'n nuwe identiteit aan, 'n afskaduwing van die oorspronklike Dieter Ondracek bly.
Beyond his research activities, Dieter, as aptly pointed out in a recent obituary, was "an 'activist' who believed in the importance of .
Dieter Sevin also published eight scholarly books and nigh fifty scholarly articles in leading professional journals.
From the bleak upbringing on the war-ravaged streets of his hometown, Dieter went on to become a successful businessman who still considers Wales his home.
Dieter, 27, and his stunning wife Stephanie, 26, are passionate about fashion, and jumped at the chance to model this season's hottest looks.
After more than a decade in Dubai, Carolyn and her husband Dieter, a military pilot, retired in 1997 to Florida, where they kept a sailboat.
KARACHI, April 14, 2011 (Frontier Star): The Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Karachi, Dr Christian Brecht, held farewell reception on Tuesday night to bid farewell to Dieter Freund, Consul and Deputy Head of Mission.
An adequate night's sleep not only increases fat loss for a dieter but can help control feelings of hunger, a study has shown.
Under the terms of the deal, Dieter Sauer, SEI's founder, president and CEO, has become BCO's president, CEO and board member.