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a person who diets

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Graeme Watt, president, Avnet Technology Solutions EMEA, said, Dieter s expanded role will help us maintain the strong relationships we have with our suppliers, as we continue to transform technology into innovative business solutions.
Die vertelling fokus op die gedagtes en doen en late van die hoofkarakter wat, al neem hy as Gerhard Weber in die tweede deel 'n nuwe identiteit aan, 'n afskaduwing van die oorspronklike Dieter Ondracek bly.
As a young boy, Dieter and his immediate family had been evacuated out of Hamburg, to Coswig, near Dresden, but he chose to return to Hamburg to help his grandparents run the family business.
The study found that the dieters lost the same amount, 6.
In 1989, Dieter became executive medical director of the BioMed-Klinik, Hospital for Integrative Cancer Therapy here in Bad Bergzabern.
Dieter comes to Cushman & Wakefield after announcing in November that he would retire, after nearly eight years, from his position overseeing more than 950 industrial real estate professionals as head of the industrial practice in The Americas at CB Richard Ellis.
Dieter Hofler explains: "By bringing the world's foremost procedural modeling technology to broader markets, Procedural has the potential to transform the way in which 3D buildings and even whole cities are produced, stored and visualized.
If a dieter can be consistent from day to day in the calories they eat, then a more positive experience of body image will follow," said Dr Paul Lattimore who conducted the study with colleague Rachel Hutchinson.
When we first meet German immigrant Dieter (Christian Bale), he is aboard the USS Ranger in the Gulf of Tonkin, keen to serve the country he now calls home.
When we first meet German immigrant Dieter (Christian Bale, pictured), he is aboard the USS Ranger in the Gulf of Tonkin, keen to serve the country he now calls home.
DIRECTOR Werner Herzog won numerous awards in 1997 for his documentary Little Dieter Needs To Fly, a tribute to American serviceman Dieter Dengler who was one of the few people to escape a Laotian prison camp during the Vietnam conflict.
The focal point of the project, its link to other places and other times, was the work of Dieter Roth.
Fisk is especially concerned about the induction phase of the Atkins regimen, during which a dieter is in ketosis, a metabolic state induced when a person eats very few carbohydrates and the body burns fat and protein as fuel instead of glucose.
Set in and near the author's hometown and covering the first half of the 20th century, the story begins with Dieter Stumpf, an immigrant who settles on a 20-acre land-grant plot high atop a seashore bluff and establishes an onion farm.