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a locomotive driven by the electric current generated by a diesel engine

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This contract represents further evidence of Wartsila's strength in meeting these demands, and further emphasises our ability to offer sophisticated diesel-electric machinery solutions for this particular sector of the marine industry,' says Aaron Bresnahan, Vice President, Wartsila Ship Power Specials.
According to the report, the diesel-electric buses will be launched by end of the year and will be cheaper than the CNG-electric buses.
The MBTA is planning to purchase 20 new diesel-electric locomotives from Motive Power Inc.
Founded in 1922, EMD, a subsidiary of Progress Rail Services, a Caterpillar Company, is one of two US original equipment manufacturers of diesel-electric locomotives.
Current diesel-electric technology is unfeasible for small and mid-sized vessels that start and stop often at various ports, or that work harder when traveling against river currents instead of going downstream.
Navistar also produces the medium-duty International DuraStar Hybrid, as well as IC Bus brand diesel-electric hybrid passenger buses for both school bus and commercial bus applications.
The first diesel-electric locomotive (a diesel engine driving an electrical generator powering traction motors geared to the wheels) was produced in 1922.
Electro-Motive markets, designs, sells, manufactures and services freight and passenger diesel-electric locomotives and diesel marine and power generation products.
The fact is that at a cost fast approaching $1 billion, the acquisition of four 18-year-old diesel-electric submarines can hardly be considered a worthwhile investment, let alone a bargain.
According to Mid-Hudson News, the county is planning to purchase both combination diesel-electric buses and smaller, dedicated electric-drive diesel buses.
military planners have become concerned that rogue states or terrorist groups may acquire Russian Kilo-class, diesel-electric submarines and equip them with "air independent propulsion.
A diesel-electric hybrid could be as efficient as a fuel cell vehicle of the future, he declares.
Some forward-thinking transit agencies are fighting back with hybrid diesel-electric buses.
New ultra-low emission, diesel-electric hybrid cars could soon be on the way from Peugeot and Citroen, offering astonishing fuel consumption and pumping out even lower levels of toxic fumes than current petrol-electric hybrids.
An Australian Type 471 Collins-class diesel-electric submarine had just "sunk" an unidentified US Navy submarine (most likely a highly sophisticated Los Angeles-class nuclear attack sub, which the US Navy asserts is superior to any other non-US sub in the world today).