diesel oil

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a heavy mineral oil used as fuel in diesel engines


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A total of seven ships, CMA CGM Amazon, Qingdao Tower, Uni Florida, Pacific Victory, Tomson Gas, Chemroad Sirius and Petali Lady carrying Containers, Coal, LPG, Palm oil and Diesel oil are expected to take berth at QICT, MW-4, SSGC, LCT and FOTCO respectively on Friday, 2nd March.
5 percent on kerosene and light diesel oil (LDO) and 17 percent on petrol.
58 per litre and the price of Light Diesel Oil will go up to Rs 64.
three more ships Quetta, Ejan and Tiamat Gas with Diesel oil, LNG and LPG due to arrive at Port Qasim on same day, while tow more container ships Nicoline Maersk and Libra are due to arrive on Saturday.
The improved PNS/DOE Quality Standard (QS): 004:2017 on coco-methyl ester (CME)-blended automotive diesel oil specification contains revised technical provisions to upgrade the fuel quality requirement (such as reduced sulfur content limit in compliance with Euro-4 emission standard) and test methods for more accurate evaluation of fuel quality.
is bidding out the supply and delivery of industrial diesel oil (IDO) requirements for the Ilijan natural gas power plant for 2015 and has set a budget of P1.
According to Turkish Petroleum Industry Association's (PETDER) sectoral report covering the January-June term of 2011, diesel oil consumption increased by 3 percent, as gasoline consumption was down 8.
Summary: BEIRUT: Gasoline prices rose Wednesday by LL300 for the 95 octane-rated fuel and LL400 for the 98 octane-rated fuel, while prices of diesel oil jumped by LL700, LL600 for kerosene gas and LL700 for gas cylinders.
Recently, international crude oil price has broken the US$100 per barrel mark, leading to a drastic price spike in naphtha, gasoline and diesel oil.
Prices of gasoline, kerosene and gas oil remain unchanged, while diesel oil increased by 100 Lebanese Pounds.
The Iranian deputy oil minister said that the country will soon start importing diesel oil.
said it will keep its wholesale gasoline and diesel oil prices unchanged in the coming week, while lowering its kerosene price by 0.
Summary: The hydrocarbons regulation authority (ARH) will propose a 10% annual hike of diesel oil price in order to counter consumption of this "expensive and polluting" fuel, its president Noureddine Cherouati announced.
The price of industrial diesel oil has been allowed to be dictated by the market fur export oriented mining companies including oil and gas companies.