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The minibus driver, who survived, reportedly tried to slip the crossing point, however the vehicle collided head-on against the diesel locomotive.
The WDG5 locomotive design is a significant enhancement over the existing high horsepower diesel locomotives currently in use on the Indian Railways.
GE EvolutionA Series Locomotive Engine Earns UIC IIIA Certification GE Transportation, a unit of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), announced today that it has been awarded UIC certificates E-001/2009-02 for its EvolutionA V12 diesel locomotive engines that power its Evolution Series locomotives.
A Parker IQAN MDL electronic control module controls and monitors the powertrain system by providing the position of the diesel locomotive on the cog railway within 4 in.
During the twentieth century the railway locomotive industry in the United States witnessed a complete turnover of firms, induced by the development of a radically new technology, in the form of the diesel locomotive.
A HERITAGE diesel locomotive has arrived at Llangollen to be the star of next weekend's big rail enthusiasts' gala.
The locomotives were built by taking an old diesel locomotive with a sound base structure and completely rebuilding the top to accommodate batteries, a generator and a small diesel engine.
The Bromborough No 2 engine was donated to Tanfield Railway, in County Durham, by the National Railway Museum and now staff face an uphill struggle to get the diesel locomotive back on track.
According to ESW, 16 XTRM Cat catalysts will be installed into a GM EMD 645E3, 16-cylinder, two-stroke diesel locomotive engine being used in a commuter rail application.
But because there is still no electricity supply on any Welsh routes, the train will have to be pulled by an old diesel locomotive between Holyhead and Crewe, near the Welsh border.
During his career, he was credited with the development of the diesel locomotive, earning him the reputation as the "father of the modern diesel locomotive.
Future historians of our time may find it odd that, as Maury Klein, a professor of history at the University of Rhode Island, notes, scholars in recent decades have expended more effort assaying the social significance of TV's Brady Bunch than they have illuminating the great impact that the diesel locomotive had on railroading and American life.
6 billion Schillings (USD127 million) diesel locomotive contract to
The order is for 31 trains with a diesel locomotive and four coaches, three with five coaches and two spare diesel locomotives and a driving trailer.
1) Yet ALCo produced its last steam locomotive only three years later in 1948; and by 1969 the company had been driven from the diesel locomotive industry as well.
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