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a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity

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However, we needed to have our first two stations addressed very rapidly, and the support and high-quality engineering we have received from Dielectric over the years clearly made them the right choice.
In detail, the new process combines metallization techniques tailored for rigid dielectric materials, including surface pretreatments before plating (including permanganate and neutralization, etching and conditioning, activation and reducer), and electroless and electrolytic plating techniques.
The dielectric properties of composite dielectrics generally are a weighted average of the individual component properties.
2007) have investigated the dielectric and electrical properties of in situ synthesized Pani in insulating epoxy matrix [16].
A rectangular dielectric resonator antenna with relative permittivity of 36 was used to reduce the size of the antenna and the resulting impedance bandwidth was found to be 2.
After all, if the dielectric constant of the laminate decreases, the capacitance between the adjacent signal lines decreases, but so does the capacitance between the signal and return.
In working to improve the dielectric properties of these specialty papers, we focused on the use of a surface size based on polyvinyl alcohol.
The study of the dielectric properties of wood at microwave frequencies is useful for the application of microwave energy for heating, drying, and gluing of wood.
And once again, the dielectric constant comes into play: the dielectric constant of the current industry standard for circuit board epoxies, a composite known as FR4, can range from 3.
For most antenna applications, a thin dielectric radome is used to protect the radiating elements from the outdoor environment.
Expect to see changes in the composition of metal lines and vias and new dielectric materials and deposition techniques.
Dielectric materials; introduction, research and applications.
NIST has released SplitC, an automated software program for measuring the high-frequency electrical properties of dielectric substrates using a split-cylinder resonator.
IBM plans to announce that it will soon begin manufacturing copper chips with a material known as low-k dielectric, a polymer-based material that effectively seals the area around the chip's wiring.