die off

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become extinct


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"From yesterday, media organizations reported a mass die off of crows in Kara-Balta.
THE PSNI has been accused of waiting for relatives of Bloody Sunday victims to "die off" after it emerged ex-soldiers suspected of killing their loved ones still haven't been questioned.
Most scientists believe the impact of a massive asteroid caused the weather to change and led to the dinosaurs to die off. Others say falling oxygen levels choked the dinosaurs to death.
COASTGUARDS have warned about the dangers of swimming in the sea after a 10-year-old girl became the fourth person to die off the East Anglian coast in eight days.
But it was expected the exotic plants would die off once the exhibition was over.
In patients with Parkinson's disease, the brain's dopamine-secreting neurons inexorably die off. The most common treatment to combat the tremors, slowness, and rigidity in these patients is a dopamine precursor called levodopa.