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suffer from a disease that kills shoots

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The physical appearance of samples was analyzed in the Laboratory and their die back signs were recorded accurately.
When the blooms die back how do I care for this plant?
Elbow add ethereal atmosphere to U2's Running To Stand Still, Duffy takes Macca's Live And Let Die back to the 60s, and The Kooks cover Kinks classic Victoria (a case of spot the difference).
As perennials, they die back completely in winter, the new spear-like shoots of the tightly rolled leaves appearing in spring.
Avocado trees are extremely sensitive to heavy pruning and have a tendency to die back from where saw cuts are made.
As these plants come up, flower, seed, and die back for the winter, you will get to know them well.
When the plants die back in the fall, we leave them in place and watch their seeds become food for acrobatic squirrels.
That involves a process called peening, which allows recovery of minimal clearance by spreading the edge of the die back to its original size using an air-operated hammer.
If they die back, they do not come back from their own roots because they are grafted onto the other root stock.
The rheometer rotates the die back and forth as it is heated up.
Once the hydrocarbon levels are brought down to required levels, the soil will be put back into the hole from which it was taken, and bacteria levels will naturally die back to normal levels.