die away

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  • verb

Synonyms for die away

become less in amount or intensity

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A spokesperson from the Met Office said: "Any heavy showers or thunderstorms will die away Monday evening, with some clear spells in the west.
If we keep a good hygiene, we should able to do a lot of hand washing during this period by doing all this, this disease will die away from the way it started'.
'Wasteful penitential acts should die away as we struggle to live amid the changing climate,' it added.
"Any daytime showers will die away during the evening to leave a dry night for most with long clear spells."
On moorland they are always packed so close that after a while they get woody and die away. But a heather bed is something to behold - and easy to grow.
Colin Bryson, by email: Keep pulling the green spears when they appear and it will die away. Weeds cannot spread without any top growth.
WHEN the dust settles and the heartaches die away, we'll probably look back on this season as the one in which Liverpool returned to the top in brilliant, traditional style.