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"Have you heard of the term diddly-squat? That is exactly what it is today," said Hamilton, when asked what he can draw upon from his limited running.
But, while his fancy schooling and agricultural college taught him the ins and outs of arable farming, it appears to have taught him diddly-squat about IT.
Washington, August 2 ( ANI ): Oprah Winfrey has said that Americans know 'diddly-squat' about the Civil Rights movement.
When one looks at the bigger picture, the NCUA's short-term small amount loan program has accomplished diddly-squat. Any suggestion that credit union payday loan alternative lending can replace the conventional storefront retail or Internet payday loan industries is at best disingenuous and at worst blatant political pandering.
Obviously much of that is predicated on the assumption that Green's withdrawal goes without a hitch and Whyte's attempts to sue the club amount to diddly-squat.
"The supplier management organization (at Boeing) didn't have diddly-squat in terms of engineering capability when they sourced all that work," one senior manager told The Seattle Times.
Most of the HNAs didn't do diddly-squat, but a fraction were slightly better at connecting to the target molecules.
At the start of the year I remember saying to my beloved that I had a plan to buy one present each month - yes right; that was back in January but I did diddly-squat.
"A 10 percent gain off of diddly-squat is still in the neighborhood of diddly-squat," Conerly said.
Collectively, this took about a week; and achieved diddly-squat.
The Bears may have great tradition, great players, a great ground and a great academy but all that counted for diddly-squat during the post mortem of their terrible summer.
Since I'm getting paid diddly-squat for counseling in the office anyway, I might as well go forth and embrace that community pediatric perspective at a few meetings out of the office where I won't get paid anything.
Though it's hard to imagine a Flanders-free diddly at this point, the word has a history going back to at least 1964, according to the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, with diddly apparently evolving from words like diddly-shit and diddly-squat. Since diddle means 'to copulate' and diddlywhacker means 'penis,' this is a euphemism that's not entirely euphemistic--adding to its humorous effect.
ZILCH, zip, bubkis, goose egg, diddly-squat, nada, jack.
He added: "The UK has agreed to hand over PS40billion for two-thirds of diddly-squat."