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  • verb

Synonyms for diddle

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

to pass time without working or in avoiding work

Synonyms for diddle

manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination

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This can be done a variety of ways, including: password guessing, data diddling, virus implementation, IP spoofing (address forging), sniffing (password monitoring) and scanning (e.g., programs that probe for network vulnerabilities or dial telephone numbers to identify the ones connected to modems).
This in turn would have made Poe aware of the differences between the original Jeremy Diddler and the contemporary association of "diddling" with crime, financial panic, and the breakdown of moral order.(4) Thus it is difficult to say if ignorance or opportunism inspired Poe to make these differences even more extreme - and more extremely rational - in "Diddling Considered as One of the Exact Sciences."
'There is a lot of publicity about the shopkeeper diddling the public but the reverse has been the case,' said Mr Hughes.
On June 5, Richard Power of the Computer Security Institute testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on investigations, further reinforcing this climate of creeping fear ("There is a serious problem") with statistics from the 1996 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey; using curious lingo, e.g., "data diddling (15.5% of attacks)," and "brute force password guessing (13.9% of attacks)," Power eventually extends the threat to private-sector security ("many organizations are unprepared").
Later, when I insisted, he told me that my husband-to-be is unusually well-endowed in the diddling stick department.
If we don't, what the hell are we doing at the office at two in the morning diddling around on a word processor for less money than our brain-dead ex-classmates spend on lunch?
Redknapp is accused of diddling his tax, while Fabio diddles his syntax.
Yes, immigration, the environment, the NHS, our education system and the diddling MPs bring problems that require strong leadership and intelligent policies.
So if Benefits Minister Iain Duncan Smith wants to stamp out diddling, he should get down to the Houses of Parliament.
Three MPs accused of diddling their expenses have been granted legal aid to pay for their hotshot lawyers.
Menzies Campbell and Margaret Beckett, with their big red faces and their big brass necks, were rightly mauled by an unforgiving audience, reelin' and beelin' over them diddling their expenses.
Big name brands risk a backlash when they are identified as diddling the punter - especially at a time when people are shopping around to get the best value for money.