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A diddler may thus be regarded as a banker in petto" (PT, p.
Bobby Morrison's The Diddler rattled off a hat-trick in 1972 (Edinburgh, Ayr and Newcastle), while two years later Godvari emulated that feat scoring at Hamilton in May by five lengths, winning the Lanimer Handicap at Lanark by seven lengths and one week later hacking up at Hamilton's Saints & Sinners meeting by five lengths.
Those back entry diddlers From good ol'George Green Curly Wee and Gussie Goose For ``This Diddler'' a must to be seenThere was Auntie Joan and Wafer the cat that lean looking moggy a picture and story every SatWith a stub of pencil or was it a blacklead?
Older readers instinctively recall George Green's iconic post WW2 offering: 'The Back Entry Diddlers'.
The threat from dole diddlers is such that there are adverts breaking into the lunchtime news urging us to inform on our neighbours if we suspect they are claiming a single-parent allowance while living with someone.
He says: "I plunged into the exhilarating world of bookmakers, betters, comedians, card sharps, dopers, diddlers, film stars, fiddlers, gangsters, jockeys, journalists, leviathans, layabouts, moguls, mugs, owners, oddsmakers, photographers, phoneys, racecourse tipsters, tic-tacs, twisters, the underworld, the upper crust, veterinarians, villains - in short, the whole of racing's daily travelling circus."
Because politics is so pervasive, and because ministers continue to take a hands-on role in the work of governing, the sobriquet that best applies to them is "diddlers." (23) With power increasingly concentrated in the cabinet and the bureaucracy, the role of backbenchers is increasingly being marginalized.
The Daily Record ran a campaign helping readers to beat the "decimal diddlers" with a team of "decimal coppers" on hand to answer calls.
Even as we hear about the latest episode in the parliamentary soap opera of flippers and diddlers, non-doms and downright swindlers, the spouses are being pushed to the front in the desperate hope that their fragrant appearance will be sweet enough to mask the stink of mucky money.
This is not the time for wannabes, diddlers and boatrockers.
Like the classic pioneering diddlers who put a creative spin on Yankee ingenuity, the Fields manipulator kept on the move.