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in a didactic manner

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(32.) De libero arbitrio 1.8.18 (CCSL 29.223), van Neer, "Didactically Responsible Use of Humour" 579.
(2:138) Combe didactically disapproves of deception to achieve self-interest, an attitude he and Austen broadly share.
Basic principles are didactically edited in series of pictures and/or diagrams.
In chapter 1, Head traces Burney's approach of "employing women didactically to exemplify particular aspects of contemporary and recent musical culture" (p.
Gothic novels are 'the mother ship of literary picture identification--no other literary period or genre is so pervasively, didactically, and obsessively concerned with it' (6).
If by socialism we would include a place where our collectivity-through-difference can be explored in a range of moods (angrily, mournfully, joyously, didactically, elegiacally) then I hope we would find space to include The Stuart Hall Project as well as Miles Davis' plaintive improvisations.
It can be interpreted didactically -- as her suggestions for a better future for the region.
If so, her book is a laudable effort against tales of Southeast Asia, delivered didactically and with all scholarly conceit, that hew closely to conditions and terms defined by the theoretical metanarrative rather than developed meticulously through earnest conversations between region and theory.
Some films depict Moro as a victim of his times, others frame the politician's kidnapping and death in conspiracy-thriller modes, others focus on BR group dynamics, and yet others didactically question the motive(s) of political violence in the 1970s and their socially traumatic aftermath--both in the present and in the past.
The author suggests that television communicates these mores less didactically and more effectively than other media.
After I graduated with a BSHS, I became a full-time faculty member and began to teach didactically. In addition I was made the department's Dental Assisting Coordinator.
Though a number of existing teaching activities deal with in vitro pollen tube growth on medium, didactically prepared visualization of pollen tube growth in vivo is more ambitious and usually needs fixed material and advanced equipment (e.g., fluorescence microscopy).
* Children need concrete and real experiences and situations not just abstract concepts and facts taught didactically in a classroom [NAFSO (2010)], SDC (2010), Association for Science Education (2011)];
The dialogues are almost pitch-perfect as they exude a quality and reflection on life that most of us have chosen to avoid and they are not laid out didactically but in an organic flow.
43) does connect well with the next chapter, "The Classical Confucian Concepts of Human Emotion and Proper Humour" by Weihe Xu, which marshals excerpts from well-known texts such as the Liji (Record of rites) and the Lutzyu (The analects) along with recently discovered texts such as Xing zi ming chu (Human nature comes from the decree of Heaven), to argue for a Confucian definition of humor as "a form of private, moderate, good-natured, tasteful and didactically useful mirth" (p.