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Synonyms for didactical

teaching morality

inclined to teach or moralize excessively

Synonyms for didactical

instructive (especially excessively)


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Then, a traversal algorithm is applied to form a linear concept sequence to maintain the didactical precedence relationships.
Figure 1 b) shows the 6 axis didactical vertically knick arm robot.
Tratat de pedagogie scolara, Bucharest: Didactical and Pedagogical Publishing House.
Funded with support from the European Commission, these didactical laboratories include equipment with the appropriate software as well as the adequate documentation to train teachers, Project Manager at the Virtual University in Tunis, Bechir Allouche told TAP on the sidelines of the TETRAIA project held Wednesday at the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO)'s headquarters in Tunis.
One of the shallow disagreements that ensue in the student-magister relationship is linked to the weigh placed by the parties on didactical and interpersonal competences (Dafinoiu I.
Didactical dimension: it includes access to thematic, skills /goals, contents, methodology, timetable, evaluation and bibliography.
"Residents felt that there was a clinical as well as a didactical gap, so they felt that they needed more training both through lectures as well as in clinics," said Dr.
Acquiring evidence-based medicine and research skills in the undergraduate medial curriculum: three different didactical formats compared.
Dedicated to Mathematics, Nicolae Dinculeanu began his didactical activity in 1950 as a member of the Mathematical Analysis Section of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (chair of this section - Miron Nicolescu).
Thus far, the interventions involving mathematics to problem-gamblers were limited to didactical interventions, either school based or in experimental research.
They were also given an overview of subjects related to didactical training of teacher students.
The goal of this paper is to investigate and compare students' perceptions about the benefits of the web-based lectures implemented with different didactical intended purposes and resulting in different application scenarios.