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the entry in a dictionary of information about a word

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In dictionary time, a decade is a really short span between first usage and a dictionary entry. But there are some that have made the leap even faster.
Although both Kidson and Rundall referred to the "curious" nature of the instrument, the Grave's Dictionary entry did not include Rundall's references to similar musical curiosities, such as "The clown who performs in a wonderful manner on various weird and strange instruments....
Set dictionary entry, {[bar.G]([x.sup.k.sub.i]), [x.sup.k.sub.i], [y.sup.k.sub.i]}.
The alphabetical text weaves the Haitian narrative into each individual dictionary entry. Unlike the brevity found in traditional dictionaries, Historical Dictionary of Haiti follows the model of full summary discussion with internal cross references visible by bold text.
The dictionary entry goes on to accuse Reid of blocking bills passed by the Republican-controlled U.S.
If you search for the definition of 'time' on our free online English dictionary site, Oxford Dictionaries Online, you will see how just how many different senses are included in the dictionary entry.”
Example (12): Definition of account and encyclopaedic information in the dictionary entry account 1 (abbr a/c) an arrangement that sb has with a bank or BUILDING SOCIETY to keep money there and take some out.
Record structure in the Simple English Wiktionary also has all of the basic elements of a dictionary entry: a pronunciation guide, including an audio pronunciation; a list of forms of the word; the definition itself; and a list of synonyms.
THE dictionary entry for the word gullible reads, "easily persuaded to believe".
Table 1 is the data dictionary entry for the Materials table.
But if "political process" is not the best rendering of tahalich medini, there is a far more extravagant translation pitfall embedded in the dictionary entry directly below medini.
The feature now kicks in automatically for certain words, you don t have to type define: anymore, and shows the dictionary entry on top of the regular, organic results.
In doing this they will be learning about lexicography, language change, dictionary entry structure and the historical, mutating nature of genre.
Thesaurus entry follows dictionary entry and is printed in a contrasting color making for a thoroughly 'user friendly' rapid look-up reference.
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