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a definition that reports the standard uses of a word or phrase or symbol

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An original pin-up girl, Dita has her own take on Va Va Voom, which is strangely akin to the dictionary definition.
Charlton Heston said he was "as close to being a unique performer in the dictionary definition of the word as anyone since Charlie Chaplin."
Penance is associated with "sackcloth and ashes"; with doing difficult or painful things -the dictionary definition is "self-punishment as reparation for guilt".
Maybe he should have looked up the dictionary definition of "consent" which is to "give permission for something to happen".
Arts bodies, which are apparently one of the three quangos which have been implicated, whether working with words or graphics, are supposed to confront people with their own prejudices, and they could do worse than to look up the dictionary definition for WORD in Funk and Wagnall's dictionary and see whether they can distinguish between basic or radical words, derivative words, inflectional words or compound words before they spend any more valuable Welsh resources.
Mr Adamson added: "The name Paragon was selected as a deliberate statement of intent because we expect to adhere perfectly to its dictionary definition 'model of excellence'.
The Duchess trusts the label as it has helped transform her dowdy image into something far more glamorous that has even been given its own dictionary definition - "Camilla chic".
I am one of the people who consciously refused to vote for any of the candidates purporting to be a person 'who engages in politics out of a wish for personal gain' (dictionary definition).
And in 2007, McDonald's launched a public petition to change the dictionary definition of McJob.
This of course, by dictionary definition, makes me a Welsh nationalist, ie, a person who, in a very small way supports the survival of our Welsh identity.
Firstly, half the Iraqi population is under 14 and secondly that the Oxford Dictionary definition for the word "collateral" is "additional but subordinate".
'Well if that dictionary definition refers to the President, then we have our own definition of the man which is exactly the opposite of what that dictionary means,' Panelo said in a Palace briefing Tuesday.
"If that dictionary definition of duterte refers to the President, then we have our own definition of the man, which is exactly the opposite of what that dictionary gives," Panelo said during a Palace briefing.
This, according to the researchers, meets the dictionary definition of disease.
The dictionary definition of sausage is "a cylindrical meat product usually made from ground meat, often pork, beef or veal along with salt, spices and other flavourings and breadcrumbs, encased by a skin".