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Synonyms for diction

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Synonyms for diction

choice of words and the way in which they are used

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Synonyms for diction

the articulation of speech regarded from the point of view of its intelligibility to the audience


the manner in which something is expressed in words

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I believe they're from the Boston area, which might or might not explain the deranged diction of the songs, but anyone who starts their record with the lyric "I used to be a fish, now I can run" gets the Chi Pig Lyric Writin' Award TM for this month ...
The budding Vanna Whites will learn proper diction, presenting skills, makeup, singing, dancing, and acting.
The researchers classified women as having a history of substance abuse if they had Medicaid records of drug or alcohol abuse or dependence, drug withdrawal syndrome, hepatitis, opiate poisoning, drug or alcohol detoxification, or referral for rehabilitation from drug ad diction. In addition, women who had contracted HIV through injection-drug use were assumed to have a history of substance abuse.
Aspiring rap and R&B acts, however, are taught to trade in foul language and bad manners for proper social etiquette by Angelo Ellerbee, an image consultant who heads Double Xxposure, a public relations and management company that specializes in total imaging, and teaches young artists everything from diction to how to travel.
But there was little in that brief conversation, mostly focusing on the contemporary context of Barfield's Poetic Diction, that would predict this important, ground-breaking study.
Don't worry about diction. "Bad" diction is really speech that calls attention to itself, detracting the listener's attention from what is being said.
Students develop intellectually as great works of literature offer them a vicarious experience of the human condition far greater than any of them could ever acquire on the basis of luck and first-hand encounters, Students don't need a teacher to help them through the syntax and diction in a novel by Chris Crutcher or S.E.
Pulp diction - Jarvis Cocker of Pulp pops in to make a call from an internet phone box in Sloane Street, London
This not only muffles the voice of the poems, but on occasion makes the diction of the poems seem a bit abstract or even slack in ways that are not the case when one hears Toure perform them.
Diction Impossible, I Love Lucifer and Father Knows Eff-All.)
Taming the Chaos: English Poetic Diction Theory since the Renaissance.
Sparked by Stein's plainspoken, down-home diction, Thomson's playful snatches of Americana were perfectly interpreted by the black cast, who helped pull off this backroads Baptist rendition of sixteenth-century Spanish hagiography.
One suspects that for some of the writers, normal diction seems not elevated enough to match the imperial pretensions of Architectural Theory.
The latest addition to the useful Language of Literature series from Macmillan, The Language of Old and Middle English Poetry contextualizes and explains the diction and structure of poetry from the earliest poems to the end of the fourteenth century (with some reference to fifteenth-century poets).
In this essay I will argue that Yusuf's talent for "poetization of the familiar and the quotidian," as Ghazoul aptly put it ("The Poetics of the Political Poem," 117), lies largely in his capability of creating a poetic diction of his own - a linguistic synthesis that blends al-Fusha and al-'Ammiyya.