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in an overbearingly domineering manner

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The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) without discussing anything among the four partners, act dictatorially with decisions taken by members of one group alone.
Many considered the move to be a clear assault on democracy and an attempt to thwart the very seedlings of a democratically elected government in the dictatorially ruled island nation.
Spitzmuller said that in these circumstances Prime Minister Menderes had to decide between two choices: the first was to continue the authoritarian policies of that time, acting dictatorially against other ideas, including those within his own party, knowing that he was backed by the U.S., which had supported him faithfully up until that point.
We are speaking here of a resolute, but proliferating minority who declare their objective as the right to intervene dictatorially in the rights, mores and undertakings of others--all in the name of their presiding deity.
These will be dictatorially used to impose Labour policies on Wales, including income tax.
These two countries were not characterized by failing statehood, although the state power has been abused dictatorially. The framework of the state, law and authority remained intact in both countries and there has been political continuity since they achieved independence.
Today, as in ages past, we are not without tragic proof that the exalted power of some governments to punish manufactured crime dictatorially is the handmaid of tyranny" (72) Importantly, a desire to fight a live war more effectively was not presented as the reason for acting.
UKIP is dictatorially led and made up of a Conservative general staff with, ironically, a working class rank and file made up of disaffected working class blue-collar Tories and a rabble of racists and the homophobic with a smattering of supposedly disaffected voters.
Amy Brouillette, a researcher at the Media Studies Center at Budapest's Central European University, explains to me that the media laws gave the Orban government powers that "are probably wider than any other single authority in Europe." After a pause she adds, "Well, maybe except in Belarus," referring to the dictatorially run country considered to be Europe's most autocratic.
But the argument is much harder to make when dealing with a dictatorially governed developing country.
The hard reality is that over the time the Thai generals have pulled coups for well over one and a half dozen times to oust the civilian governments and rule the nation dictatorially. True, the country's prevalent constitution allows its military to impose martial law and assume sweeping powers to tackle some security emergencies or chaotic law and order conditions.
I detail the significance of the authors' illegal meetings in workshops where they rehearsed being writers through the ironic transformation of a dictatorially imposed "womanliness" to advocate for human rights and the return to democracy in Chile.
PERHAPS he could not remember how dictatorially he behaved because he claimed at the committee that everyone was entitled to disagree and express his opinion and he denied charges that he always imposed his diktats.
Not least of all, Antigone and Ahab, as Kelley (2008: 62) pointed out, are similar in that they both defy the gods, about whom Ahab thinks they cheat humans into a form of faith or other, as best suits their dictatorially whimsical will, which is why he becomes on the Pequod a leader of an ideological rebellion against the prison walls of illusory reality: the "pasteboard masks" must be torn apart by breaking through the walls or masks of the world that only seems to be, but is not.
Instead, Santa Anna dismantled the Federalist program, ignored the Mexican constitution of 1824, and ruled dictatorially. After crushing revolts in several northern Mexican states, Santa Anna arrived in Texas expecting another walkover for his large, professional army.