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Synonyms for dictation

an authoritative direction or instruction to do something

matter that has been dictated and transcribed

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Like civilization, it has turned a page, and the new spirit of the time finds her ready to write at its dictation.
Fish immediately seized his pen, and wrote from Sir Joseph's dictation.
The next instant her eyes had dropped again, and she sat waiting to go on with the dictation.
But to save me I can't see any difference between writing jokes or comic verse and running a type- writer, taking dictation, or keeping sets of books.
If Americans are to retain the sacred liberties for which their fathers strove, Congress must declare our independence of European dictation by maintaining the price of mules.
It's one thing," he said, "to write under the dictation of a great merchant, conducting a vast correspondence by which thousands of pounds change hands in due course of post.
We had reading and geography and Canadian history and dictation today.
Perkins makes us do with our dictation exercises, and sent it back to him.
Have the goodness to write, Jane, under my dictation," said Sir Pitt, rising and throwing himself into an attitude of command, like the portrait of a Gentleman in the Exhibition, "and begin.
I have been waiting long for an opportunity--to take this--this decisive step, my love; for, as you must perceive, it is impossible that there should be two chiefs in a family: and now, if you please, we will resume the dictation.
After taking down Peter Ivanovitch from dictation for two years, it is difficult for me to be anything.
In the moments when Peter Ivanovitch interrupted his dictation, and sometimes these intervals were very long--often twenty minutes, no less, while he walked to and fro behind my back muttering to himself--I felt I was dying by inches, I assure you.
He commissioned me to say, that should this be pleaded as an excuse for your behaviour, he will consent to accept a written apology, to be penned by you, from my dictation.
She didn't think her father was ill, because the letter had come at his dictation from the office at St.
One, poorly dressed in mourning, sat at the table opposite the chief clerk, writing something at his dictation.