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Once dendrograms of monocotyledon and of dicotyledon classifications were independently obtained, repeated analyses were done using an input matrix of combined results (i.e., NISI of Monocotyledons + NISI of Dicotyledons/2).
Finally, leaf (monocotyledon), stem (dicotyledon), and root lengths were measured after 9 to 16 days growth.
Yield loss to tomato crop due to the competition of weeds was also estimate as (12.12%), (1082%) and (26.67%) due to emergence of monocotyledon, dicotyledon and monocotyledon + dicotyledon weed species, respective ely.
monocot (monotyledon)--One of two classes of plants (the other is the dicotyledon), in which the seedling has one seed leaf.
HELENA Montana ANHELE (OED), ENHALE (OED), HAELEN (OED heal), HAENEL (medical), HAENLE (Haenle, person, OED puteanic 1834q), HANELE (OED anneal), HEALEN (OED heal), HEELAN (Heelan OED teedle 1800q), HENLEA (unpreferred genus name for Thryallis, a dicotyledon), HLAENE (OED lean), LEHANE (J Lehane Basketball Fund, OED man 1981q)
And from this dicotyledon grew those contradictions that entwined everything he did and wrote: the constant traveler dependent upon domestic comforts, the sexual apostate without emotional attachments, the proper French bourgeois with leftist sympathies.
Ecology of Sydney plant species Part 1: ferns, fern-allies, cycads, conifers dicotyledon families Acanthaceae to Asclepiadaceae.
Native to Europe, beet (Beta vulgaris L.) is an herbaceous, dicotyledon plant belonging to the Chenopodiaceae family.
These results indicated that selective destructive effect on dicotyledon weeds and non-harmful effect on the type monocotyledon plants like wheat.
Vessel grouping in dicotyledon woods: significance and relationship to imperforate trachcary elements.
Comparative wood anatomy: systematic, ecological and evolutionary aspects of dicotyledon wood.
For studying allelopatic effect of Nerium oleander, on the germination of seed and growth of seedling of selected monocotyledon (Hordeum vulgare) and dicotyledon (Vicia sativa) were examined.