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Crop plants can be classified as dicots or monocots.
These two groups are usually referred to as monocots and dicots, respectively.
During this entire process I continually endeavor to return questions to the students themselves, sometimes rephrasing them to direct the flow of conversation but frequently simply asking, "What do you think?" As we explore the possible explanations for those regular patterns of holes, we eventually touch on how monocots grow and how they are different from dicots. We also talk about herbivory and host specificity; those patterns of holes are made when beetle larvae eat their way through the leaves as each leaf is tightly rolled up in a leaf bud.
Dicotyledonae (Dicot): Has two cotyledons and reticulate leaf venation, such as a bean plant.
Dioecy occurs throughout the angiosperms; however, it is more common among the dicots than the monocots (Renner and Ricklefs, 1995).
Beaman is busily slogging away on Part II of the Mount Kinabalu dicots at Kew, for Plants of Mount Kinabalu 4, and has good hopes that he will have it ready in 2004.
Constant grazing changes grass species composition to low growing forms and many dicot species survive due to reduced competition from grass.
5) What is the appropriate order of tissues in dicots moving from the bark to the pith?
Interestingly, the consensus translational initiation sites of plant phyla also show a similar divergence, with a preference for A content in the dicot plants and for G/C content in the monocot plants (4, 5).
Or, a more outlandish question: will a monocot resistance gene work in a dicot, and vice-versa?'
Grass is a monocot versus a dicot. Monocots have parallel venations (veins), as opposed to the network of veins found in dicots.
Inserting foreign genes into plants is not new; scientists have been engineering broad-leaved, dicot plants such as tobacco and tomatoes for more than a decade.