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a man's detachable insert (usually starched) to simulate the front of a shirt

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Dickie, Davidson and Glass were convicted by a High Court jury of killing the motorcycling fan, who suffered 26 stab wounds in the frenzied attack.
At the High Court in Edinburgh, Davidson, 24, claimed Dickie killed Steven - who was Glass's ex-boyfriend - out of "jealous anger".
At the High Court in Edinburgh, Davidson told Dickie's lawyer Ian Duguid QC he had not wanted to get involved with Dickie's personal life.
The veteran performer, who divides his time between Ireland and the FAIRWAY FRIENDS Lucy Kennedy and Dickie Rock Costa del Sol with wife Judy, added: "I get it in Spain a lot.
Long recognized for outstanding contributions to the coatings industry, Dickie had a profound impact on the development of the publication efforts of the FSCT (now ACA).
SENIOR SERVICE Dickie, 80, in action on the football pitch
The drama, by Belgian director Tom Geens, sees Dickie and co-star Paul Higgins as grieving parents living wild in France.
The second part of the novel starts with Tom's journey to retrieve Dickie. This is a new beginning for Tom.
Peter Dickie's grandfather moved the business to Bangor in 1924.
"On birthdays you usually want to forget your age but 80 is very special," said Dickie.
Bert's father John (Douglas Hodge) wanted his son to achieve something that eluded him as a young man, while Dickie's dad Don (Geoffrey Palmer), was a giant of English rowing who'd won Olympic gold in 1908.
"Jazz," explains Minghella, "with its mantra of freedom and improvisation, carries the burden of expression for the existential urges of Americans"--like Ripley and Dickie both--"leaving home to redefine themselves in Europe" (1999).
"Colonel" Dickie began their careers in the "vehicle and harness" business.
Richard Bryce, better known as Dickie Valentine, was opening the store's new record department.
THEY don't make comedians like Bob Monk-house and Dickie Henderson any more.