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As simple Simon explained: "Sir Alan has called me a dickhead enough times for me to think it's a term of endearment.
Liked Jennie accusing him of making her look like a dickhead and him replying: "You are a dickhead.
The coin throwers, the pitch invaders and that dickhead who attacked the pensioner .
Sir Alan has called me a dickhead often enough for it to be a term of endearment.
Danny Boy is just a ramp company, Ice is just a hair care company who ran a sketchy ad of me, so none of them, You, for being a dickhead.
No shapely, good-looking girl could possibly want to go to bed with a dickhead like you.
KIDS IN EUROPE AREN'T ANY WORSE THAN CHILDREN IN THE UNITED STATES, but there is definitely a dickhead element among many in the lower-income brackets.
On the other hand, there has to be a very good chance that you will remain a complete dickhead for the rest of your life.
Traci then told Pete: "Your tits are hanging out," to which he replied: "Well, your dick is hanging out of your top as you are being a total dickhead.
Matt Evs 'cause he's a dickhead and he's on my ass all the time and he's fun.
But how can we duck the fact that Beckham has gone from Goldenballs to dickhead in less than a year?
But it's ludicrous to suggest that a 20-year-old who sounds at least 10 years younger, purposefully using a baby voice and juvenile language ("why you being a dickhead for?