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Synonyms for dickey

a man's detachable insert (usually starched) to simulate the front of a shirt

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The bill never made it to the House floor, but a couple months later, Dickey ascended to the top of the state Republican Party - a perch he is now using to wield the same platform more aggressively, especially under the pink dome.
Within it Dickey shows a self-awareness of some of his least attractive personal habits and behaviors (hundreds of pages of "the icky Dickey" can be found in The World as a Lie, his biography, if you can stomach them).
In one sense, Dickey created a mythological and hidden self, but did so to illuminate a tangible, more realized self--a self which could become transformed through the alchemical process of writing.
Although he had researched before coming to India, Dickey said that he was unprepared for the sights that met him as he travelled throughout the city, and specially cited the case of a young boy, covered with sores, whom he found playing in the dirty streets among the garbage.
Dickey and the Mets are closer on money than they were during last week's Winter Meetings, but the Cy Young winner and New York are still $6 million apart.
But the latter was not to be: presigning physicals revealed that Dickey lacked an ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching elbow; the eighteenth draft pick was suddenly damaged goods.
The acquisition of Modern Luxury, publishing 26 magazine titles in 12 major US cities, adds significant scale to Dickey Publishing, the publisher of three city magazines in Atlanta and an online magazine.
We're definitely a presence when we show up at the starting line," Dickey said.
Dickey, now 79, has always been a self-described "golf nut.
GENEVIEVE by Eric Jerome Dickey Dutton, May 2005 $24.
USC general counsel Todd Dickey reiterated Friday that Williams would not appeal the decision.
Mike Huckabee on Thursday named his chief legal counsel, Betty Dickey of Little Rock, to replace W.
John William Dickey liked it fine--and, unlike Bradley Washburn's impostor, chose his victim wisely.
It's hard to believe that a successful manufacturer like Dickey & Son, Indianapolis, IN, would trust a single, portable coolant reconditioning unit to service its 22 lathes and mills-- and that the unit would pay for itself within its first year.
With the tools of the inventive imagination, James Dickey shaped his legend from the limited experiences of his life.