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  • verb

Synonyms for dicker

to argue about the terms, as of a sale

Synonyms for dicker

negotiate the terms of an exchange

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BRIGHTON: Ankergren 6, Calderon 7, Greer 8, Elphick 7, Painter 7, Dicker 7, Bridcutt 7, Noone 8 (Kishishev 78), Murray 8, Sandaza 5 (Dunk 90) Sparrow 6 (Bennett 68, 5)
After two tussles for the ball with his centre-forward, Gary Dicker scored one and scuffed another in an edgy win over a battling Swindon side.
The dickers wouldn't go so some lads put warning shots out, "Marine Beswick explained.
The Dickers own and operate the Hillside Manor Rehabilitation and Extended Care Center in Jamaica Estates, Queens, and the Hudson Valley Rehabilitation and Extended Care Center in Highland, N.
The MFCU's statewide review of home care providers found that in 1994, the Dickers began withdrawing substantial sums of money classified as "management fees" from their nursing homes.