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a word used in exclamations of confusion


English writer whose novels depicted and criticized social injustice (1812-1870)

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Dickens was the novelist of the poor, the shabby genteel, and the lower middle class.
I have not given you a list of Dicken's books because they are to be found in nearly every household.
An appeal against the conviction by Steven Dickens, 54, was rejected by Judge Niclas Parry, sitting with two magistrates at Mold Crown Court.
Cordish filed the motion in July, alleging that the former plaintiff's attorney in the case, Linda Dickens of Dickens Law in Overland Park, Kansas, failed to fully comply with a discovery order and violated Rules of Professional Conduct by loaning money to a witness in the case.
It's a misconception that brings a wry smile to Carl Dickens' craggy features.
Charles Dickens is not feeling the Christmas spirit.
Now he shines as Charles Dickens in this enjoyable and not too spooky account of the writing of famous festive ghost story A Christmas Carol, first published in 1843.
The Victorian City: Everyday Life in Dickens' London.
Brattin, eds., Dickens and Massachusetts: The Lasting Legacy of the Commonwealth Visits (U of Massachusetts P, 2015), x + 209 pages, $90 cloth, $28.95 paper.
As I write this, the BBC has just concluded its new drama Dickensian, a spectacular costume mash-up in which Tony Jordan has re-imagined Dickens's fictional universe as a kind of Victorian EastEnders.
HAVEN'T got time to read the complete works of Dickens? Not to worry, Adam Long, founding member of The Reduced Shakespeare Company and co-creator of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) has turned his attention to Charles Dickens.
The Dickens Inn on Southfield Road, Middlesbrough, has undergone a PS600,000 revamp in the past 12 weeks.
Charles Dickens and the Mid-Victorian Press 1850-1870
The Other Dickens: A Life of Catherine Hogarth, by Lillian Nayder.