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Synonyms for dice

a small cube with 1 to 6 spots on the six faces

cut into cubes


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play dice

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TEENAGERS are dicing with death in a deadly game of chicken with high speed trains on Anglesey.
The foolhardy thieves are dicing with death on rail lines used by trains travelling at 100mph.
The latest 30-second ad, this time for Ribena Really Light, shows the intrepid blackcurrants dicing with death on their way to the Ribena factory.
But by prescribing these pills to ourselves, we are almost certainly dicing with death.
Children who 'tombstone' off Wales' rocky coast are being warned: 'Stop dicing with death.
These people are basically dicing with death and we'd urge them to take extreme care.
IBROX kid Barry Ferguson survived a clear case of dicing with death on Tuesday night when he accused Colin Hendry of POOR positional sense
And to hammer the message home, a shocking new video shows how people are dicing with death.
And police have urged mums and dads to warn their kids they are dicing with death by attempting the stunts.
Slipping and sliding , breathing out frozen breath, Thoroughly enjoying the cut and thrust of dicing with death.
Part of the enjoyment of smoking comes from dicing with death.
IT might be best not to sit in the front row of a comedian's new show - unless you like dicing with death.
It also involves a quarter of a mile of dicing with death along Glascoed Road.
THESE terrifying images show a girl dicing with death in an idiotic train game.
The message needs to get through that venturing onto the tracks is idiocy - because when you trespass on the tracks you are dicing with death.