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divided or dividing into two sharply distinguished parts or classifications

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As a conclusion, arguably the main contribution of the reported study is that, while there are still adjustments and procedural refinements to make in order to better characterize a continuous model, the present research provides evidence across three different social representation objects that strongly challenges the widespread, classical dichotomous understanding of social representation structure.
To understand how well we do overall at estimating life expectancy in the context of screening guidelines, a dichotomous accuracy analysis was done, plotting the percentage of correct responses against actual life expectancy cut-offs (Fig.
All participants completed two instruments to assess individual differences in dichotomous thinking and music preferences.
As this study population consists of Whites and Blacks only, a dichotomous variable was created where Whites were coded as '0' and Blacks were coded as
Constant should be measured from table given above (see sample size calculation for dichotomous variables).
Dichotomous keys are generally designed as a series or sequence of paired questions that, when answered, allow the student to move to the next set of paired questions.
In content analysis, dichotomous variables are often coded that represent the importance of a phenomenon.
The first was our use of the FITB method rather than the more traditional method of dichotomous choices between varying amounts of money available now versus a larger sum of money available after varying delays.
Tomek and Bochenski (not further identified) present a dichotomous key for identifying all the major bones of domesticated species within one group of birds that includes chickens and turkeys, and another group that includes pigeons.
Dichotomous statements that can be applied to Rhodri Morgan and the Welshman in your article, "Devolution has made us more confident, says Rhodri on our 'greatest years since Glyndwe r'" (Dec 22).
where i indexes individual observations, Body weight represents one of three measures of weight (discussed later), HealthIns is a dichotomous indicator for the presence of health insurance, and [X.
The government needs to take the parliament and the public into confidence and give up dichotomous policies to secure and consolidate the nationhood in our country.
In the model the dependent variable (continue_part) is dichotomous and takes value of 1 if at least one current member of the household continues participating in a ROSCA, and 0 when any household's member no longer participates.
New Delhi, Aug 10 (ANI): Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor today said Pakistan was following a dichotomous policy against terror.