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the act of dividing into two sharply different categories

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Network Dichotomization Before dichotomization Time tie intensity period Threshold N M (SD) 2010-2014 Model 1 1078 Discussion T = M +SD 1.
The relationship between deviance type and Severity Index score is attenuated as a result of one-sided dichotomization, whereas the relationship between deviance type and offense type is a tetrachoric correlation.
The ostentatious discourse of a "global, borderless economy," "placeless flows," and a dichotomization of the real and the virtual glossed over materialities.
Vos and her colleagues' dichotomization of subjects as normal or abnormal at baseline made no allowance for a symptomatic predementia, he noted--a position that "is inconsistent with the published work from other groups in the specialty.
The dichotomization of East and West in A Face Without Makeup, and also its use to plot differences among young Muslim subjects, is repeated in the ascribed identities of our protagonists.
46), (66) Due to the small sample size, the GRS was dichotomized into 'improved' and 'not improved' using the dichotomization strategy portrayed in Figure 1.
Receiver operating curves were used to define sensitivity and specificity values for the activity variables with respect to the dichotomization of the mRS.
I outline how previous critical scholarship has problematized the basis of Joseph Nye's "soft power" in the dichotomization of "attraction" and "coercion.
They tend not to think that the dichotomization of "free" and "oppressive" is relevant in the preparation of students for the realities of a modern democratic and technological society.
This dichotomization of religious systems is a product of modernity's process of secularization of societies and cultures, by which religions have become "tradition tanks" (Hervieu-Leger 2000) available for individual selective appropriations.
2) Although the author offers expanded definitions, this dichotomization of factors into push and pull was drawn from Guilain Denoeux and Lynn Carter, "Guide to the Drivers of Extremism," Management Systems International, publication produced for USAID review.
During the workshop, I sensed that the frequent dichotomization of Africa into "worst off Sub-Sahara" and "and not-so worst off North of Sahara" is being frowned upon by a new generation African policy-makers, legal experts, legislators, IT professionals, law-enforcement and security agencies representatives, academia and civil society groups.
According to the Walsh/Tandy critical stance, Lewis was an imaginative genius and a brilliantly appealing writer, but he was simplistic and intellectually crude in his argumentation about Christianity, prone to extreme statement, dichotomization, and oversimplification (45).
The layers of simulacra are all world/fair, but cannot be the fair in a fully present way because Baudrillard and others with him have upset the dichotomization of presence and absence.