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divide into two opposing groups or kinds

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The protagonist in Taia's novels adamantly refuses to assume a sexual identity that would require him to frame his desires and identity within a dichotomist episteme.
The dichotomist outlook has further been enhanced by the analytic tradition, which according to Strauss, is no more than mere identification and distinguishing (Strauss 2009:11, 13, 19 and 24).
(3) She further argues that such a dichotomist understanding is very much dominant in current international relations literature and provides us only a limited understanding of religion.
Dichotomist categories remain at the heart of gender non-conformity in all cases.
After evaluating the item, experts were able to recommend the inclusion of the item in the inventory using a dichotomist format of response YES/NO, and to estimate the general quality of the item using a Likert scale of five points (1 poor quality and 5 excellent quality).
Either they refer to a given case (see above mentioned alternatives) or they are the result of the kind wherein the problem is set on, or they refers to a dichotomy generated by a past event, dichotomist or binary variables, i.e.
The dichotomist designation is to emphasize the terms the debates--mistakenly--assumed.
(81) The discourse that mirrors and accepts the non-inclusive dichotomist approach to the genesis of international criminal procedure cannot seriously be making a universal normative claim.
In relation to the value assigned to each of the questions included in our proposal for assessment of the information disclosure, and based on the previous literature (Cooke, 1989; Roberts, 1991; West, 2000; Larran and Giner, 2002; Caba Perez, Lopez Hernandez and Rodriguez Bolivar, 2005), we have opted for a binary dichotomist score system (0/1) depending on the absence or presence of each aspect on the webpage, with the objective of reducing the subjectivity in the evaluation when there are no specific rules to assign the value for each one of the aspects analyzed (Jones, Alabaster and Walton, 1998), giving the same value to each unit when the aspect analyzed is defined by various items (Marston and Shrives, 1991; Purushothaman et al., 2000; Ho, Tower and Barako, 2008).
Relevant shortcomings can found in a dichotomist approach (i.e., "is A more effective than B?"), which does not allow understanding in which aspects Full -body Interaction really differs from other kinds of interaction modalities.
Stolzl thus reprises the dichotomist gender dynamics that structure Fanck's film.
Taking into account a dichotomist procedure based on disclosure and application/ /relevance observations, the results reveal the low disclosure of intangible assets according to the requirements of IPSAS 31 together with national standards.
His dichotomist option between (religious) majoritarianism and atomized individualism is too rough; in-between there is a social space of deep value practices that is relevant for law making.
He is trapped in a dichotomist play arising from the inherent presupposition that a difference exists between the free and not free.
He suggests Quantum Theology as a means to get away from established dichotomist or dualist patterns of thought.