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divide into two opposing groups or kinds

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The exposure to smoking was dichotomised to more than 15-pack years and less than 15-pack years for prediction of the complications.
The association between nuclear RET expression and OS lost significance when analysed in a dichotomised manner (p = 0.
According to medical tradition, dichotomised professional judgement (i.
As a professional reflection, is dichotomised thinking too narrow a way of framing the matter?
They further said that the question concerning tea consumption was dichotomised into those who did not drink tea and those who took 1 cup/day.
More importantly, however, Gaziano exploits a weakness in any risk table by creating an artificial patient with major risk factors just below the dichotomised thresholds.
Corti e Citta' succeeds in doing so by its concentration on Alpine culture, challenging the discredited notion of Sabaudian culture dichotomised into antithetical French and Italian spheres.
To describe the reported frequency of individual food items in the two surveys, we dichotomised all responses at once per week because this category was common to both FFQs.
Several trace the intersection of Javanese and Dutch discourses that paved the way for New Order constructions of femininity: Nancy Florida explores "Sex Wars" in nineteenth-century Java; Ann Stoler looks at "Native" servants and European children in the colonial period; Sylvia Tiwon outlines the dichotomised representations of women as models and as (political) maniacs; and Jean Gelman Taylor traces the depictions of Nyai Dasima, a "mistress", in literature and film.