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Synonyms for dice

a small cube with 1 to 6 spots on the six faces

cut into cubes


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play dice

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6 BIG PICTURE: The Miners' Gala photo which caught our eye 11 READERS' LIVES: Books that hit the right note with Ali Lewis 12 CULTURE DAILY: A round-up of news and what to look out for in The Journal 17 MY HERO: Writer, director and performer Daniel Bye picks John McGrath 22 CLASSICAL: Brinkburn Music Festival enjoys a Renaissance 23 MY iPOD: We track down Becky Unthank's top choice 27 MOST TREASURED: A grave marker on Lindisfarne 28 BOOKS: Richard Milward invites us to dice with death 34 10 THINGS: To look our for this July 36 NEW MUSIC: Meet Young Liar - men of few words who say a lot 66 FINAL SAY: Musician Hannabiell adds to the mix
TEENAGERS were today warned not to dice with death after a teenager became the latest victim of the 'tombstoning' craze Seventeen-year-old Jamie Sutton died after getting into difficulties near Souter Lighthouse in South Tyneside after jumping from 30ft cliffs, pictured.
It's buses, delivery vans, council and other vans, using mobiles as they dice with death.
But why anyone would want to dice with death near a railway track is beyond me.
JET-skiers have been warned they dice with death if they try and dodge the bows of ships in the Mersey.
Father-of-two Branson's first dice with death came after a catamaran he was sailing in was holed by a coral reef.