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a small container (open at one end) in which dice are shaken by hand and from which they are thrown


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The Dice Box will also serve a selection of indulgent cakes catering for customers with gluten free and vegan requirements.
Incidentally the Latin name frittilus means dice box,an allusion to the flowers pattern.
Outstanding in his voluminous production are Le Cornet a des (1917; "Dice Box"), a collection of prose poems in the Surrealist manner; Le Laboratoire central (1921), "stoppered phials" of lyrical poetry; and his Breton Poemes de Morvan le Gaelique (1953).
The artist not only runs an online shop with products manufactured in North America but he also creates made to order designs, illustrations and artifacts for gamers such as hand carved wooden coasters, dice boxes and ornaments.
In the food hall, there will be everything from crystal-encrusted champagne bottles and champagne truffles in giant dice boxes to Elvis Presley popcorn holders!