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a legitimate or supposed right to demand something as one's rightful due

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Q: Are the houses included in the real estate mortgage agreement of Dibs Realty and WBC?
Q: Does Baldy have a better right given that he and Dibs Realty executed a Deed of Absolute Sale over one of the properties?
In fact, on the same date, the titles to the subject lots in the name of Dibs Realty had already been cancelled and new ones issued to WBC.
To minimize test time, the ATE system and DIB must support testing of both the primary and diversity receive paths in parallel for all four sites.
On an ATE system with 24 available ports, to design a quadsite DIB for a DUT with more than 12 RF ports will require that splitters, switching, and cabling hardware be added to the DIB to expand the ATE system's resources.
For the 22-port WEDGE device, configuring a DIB for the 24-port ATE system will require time to correctly map DUT pins to available system resources.
Dreyer's announced the launch of the bite-size Dibs in June.
According to Salama, the results of the study are important in that for the first time, laboratory data do fit some of the DIBs. This is the first real headway made in the longest-standing unsolved problem in interstellar astronomy.
DIBs are currently one of the hottest and most rapidly changing topics in astronomy, and no final conclusions may yet be drawn.
Meanwhile, soccer-ball-shaped molecules of carbon-60 are now being called on to help solve the DIB and ultraviolet-absorpotion mysteries.
DIB intends to exclusively offer Sharia compliant banking services in Kenya," CBK said in a statement.
DIB Kenya will offer Islamic banking services in the country, where Muslims account for about 10 per cent of the population of about 44 million.