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(Jewish folklore) a demon that enters the body of a living person and controls that body's behavior

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Now, as the dibbuk takes a stronger and more frightening hold on his young daughter, Clyde races against the clock to find an expert who can remove the dibbuk and save her.
Gaster, in his edition, named the story "The Dibbuk:s4 The story is as follows:
Ginzberg" the earliest story about a dibbuk, which is first met with in the writings about Luria and his pupils.
(7.) See the sources in Gedaliah Nigal, Sippurei Dibbuk ( Jerusalem: Reuben Mass, 1994), pp.
The text can also be found in Nigal, Sippurei Dibbuk, pp.
Three appendices round out the volume: on marriage strategies among the Hasidic elite in the first generations of Hasidism (which serves as the background for Dynner's discussion of "yihus"); the translation of a fascinating archival document describing the exorcism of a"dibbuk" from the body of a young boy in Warsaw in 1818; and finally, a listing of books by Hasidic authors until 1815.
posted more than $100 million in AFM sales, mostly from "Hunger Games," "Dibbuk Box ....
Since the success of that film, he wrote "The Grudge 2" and indie zombie pic "Zero Dark Thirty" and is developing another spooky story, "Dibbuk Box," with "Grudge" producer Ghost House Pictures.