diatomaceous earth

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a light soil consisting of siliceous diatom remains and often used as a filtering material

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An enhanced diatomaceous earth formulation called Protect-It[TM], supplied by Hedley Technologies of Mississauga, Ontario, was applied to the facility as a dry powder at a rate of roughly 6.
With diatomaceous earth filtration systems, complete pool drainage may not be necessary following a fecal accident as long as the pool is closed to allow sufficient time for complete filtration following disinfection procedures (Sorvillo et al.
In these bioassays, Requiem, kaolin clay and diatomaceous earth on one treated plant was tested against an untreated control in chiffon-screened cages (60 x 60 x 60 cm) (Bioquip Products, Rancho Dominguez, California).
com offers top quality diatomaceous earth that is approved by US Food Chemical Codex to use safely around the home.
Alfred Nobel discovered dynamite when he upended a beaker of nitroglycerine into a barrel of diatomaceous earth.
The team concluded that the arsenic was released into the beer from a filtering material called kieselguhr, or diatomaceous earth, used to remove yeast, hops and other particles and give the beer a crystal clear appearance.
HRS and its subsidiaries cover diverse business activities focusing on exploration and mining operations including attapulgite, diatomaceous earth, coal, bauxite, copper, gold, manganese, magnesite, uranium, nickel and rare earths.
Products: Makes rotary valves, rotary feeders and screw conveyor products that are used for moving any kind of dry, granular or powdery materials, such as ash, coke, coal, wood chips and diatomaceous earth.
Ingredients include diatomaceous earth, alginate, natural gypsum, kaolin and organic rice meal.
Diatomaceous earth, insecticidal soaps and dormant or summer oils, as well as Neem oil are each effective against certain pests.
The fragrance is quite subtile and the ultra-fine beads are natural diatomaceous earth - whatever that is
More than 400 tonnes of effluent diatomaceous earth sludge and paper dust waste from corrugated board manufacturing and printing processes at Smurfit Kappa Northampton is now being composted by Land Networks (Gainsborough) Ltd.
Talc often has the lowest cost-performance ratio, while diatomaceous earth often provides the best way to minimize total inorganic content while having a minimal effect on film's optical properties.
Silica gels (like Dri-Die) and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) also work well.