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constitutional predisposition to a particular disease or abnormality

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When Beck discusses "specific vulnerability or diathesis" he seems to refer to specific stressors or psychological vulnerabilities that appear to be congruent with a particular disorder.
In the first case one is dealing with voice (Holodovia 1970); in the second case it is non-voice diathesis. The opposition between SM- and GM-resultative clauses is non-voice diathetic opposition.
Factors affecting the diathesis include low serotonergic function, physical illness (particularly that affecting the brain), and poor social support.
(1988), in light of Lankford's proposed diathesis, studied the data on the 27 participants in the context of birth-order distribution and the personality characteristics associated with birth order.
"This is one of a whole series of hypothesis-generating studies from BRIDGE-II-MIX that are trying to deal with the struggle of understanding whether all the elements that favor mixicity and an underpinning bipolar diathesis are fairly represented in the diagnostic criteria in DSM-5.
* Patients with bleeding diathesis, road traffic accidents and with having confounding variables were excluded.
Regarding haemophilia, both haemophilia A and B are inherited in an X-linked fashion with male carriers of the mutant gene afflicted with the bleeding diathesis and females being obligate carriers.
APS causes hemorrhagic infarction of the adrenal glands and is typically associated with stress factors, including surgery, infection, or hemorrhagic diathesis associated with anticoagulation therapy.[2] The formation of thrombi as a result of insufficient anticoagulation could also result in adrenal insufficiency.[4]
In the first cohort of 8 cases who were promptly brought to our tertiary care hospital, two cases developed fulminant liver failure and bleeding diathesis and expired.
Stress diathesis model does try to explain the reasons behind the differences in depression.
Hypersensitivity to Aspirin, Hemorrhagic diathesis, documented acute gastric or duodenal ulcer and pregnancy after 36 weeks of gestation are some of the absolute contra indications for the use of Aspirin therapy.
The TCM constitutions are classified into nine categories: gentleness type, qi-deficiency type, yang-deficiency type, yin-deficiency type, phlegm-dampness type, dampness-heat type, blood-stasis type, qi-depression type, and special diathesis type.
The parents manifested a good general health status of their son and no reported previous significant bleeding episodes (e.g., from gingiva during tooth brushing), medical disorders (particularly bleeding diathesis), or exposure to surgical interventions.
Contact point(s): Dieythynsi Technikon Ypiresion kai Methodon Epexergasias Diathesis Stereon Apobliton ESDAK
Lithium salts have been used therapeutically for almost 150 years, beginning with its use for the treatment of gout (or uric acid diathesis) in the 1850s.7